From: David on
I'm having exactly the same problem with a Windows 2000 Advanced Server. I
have also gone through all the steps in KB 822798 (and 281458) with no
success. Please let me know if there are any additional troubleshooting
measures that I can take.

"Kip" wrote:

> I'm running IE 7.0 and as a number of others have reported, I am also
> getting a "0x8009601" error when I try to use Windows Update. TauArian (MVP)
> has directed several with this problem to
> for a resolution. Unfortunately,
> following all of the steps has not fixed my problem.
> I've been working for quite some time with a Microsoft support rep but
> after many attempts I'm still having the same problem.
> Have any of you been able to resolve this problem other than using the
> site TauArian (MVP) suggests? I'm running out of steam...
From: on

"David" wrote:

> When attempting to search for Windows Updates on my Windows 2000 Advanced
> Server, I receive error number 0x80096001. This error has been occurring for
> approximately three months. I have completed all the steps in KB 822798 and
> 281458, but the problem remains. Please let me know what other steps I can
> take to resolve this issue.
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