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2007/12/01 new Vero.VISI.v15.0., Cadence.OrCad.v16.0,
Dassault.Systemes.Catia.P3.V5R18.DOKU, Actel.Designer.v8.1,
DASYLab.v10.0, new Digital Vision Infinity and Infinity2 CDs and DVDs,
other new programs

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2007/12/01 Vero.VISI.Series.v15.0.Multilanguage 1CD
2007/12/01 Cadence.OrCad.v16.0 2CD
2007/12/01 Dassault.Systemes.Catia.P3.V5R18.DOKU 4CD
2007/12/01 Actel.Designer.v8.1 1CD
2007/12/01 DASYLab.v10.0.Bilingual 2CD

2007-08-02 Steinberg Xphraze v1.2 VSTi and five Xphraze Xpansions
Analog Impact by Christian Halten and Jörg Hüttner
Chronic Beatz by LA Riot
Mad Synth Explosion by Matthias Klag
At The Club by Cem Oral aka Jammin' Unit
Trance Explosion by Pop

D10. Digital.Vision.Infinity2.68days
D11. Digital.Vision.Infinity2.additive
D12. Digital.Vision.Infinity2.fragma
D13. point
D14. Digital.Vision.Infinity2.74 peak
D15. Digital.Vision.Infinity2.slice
D16. Digital.Vision.Infinity2.a+
D17. Digital.Vision.Infinity2.ektah
D18. Digital.Vision.Infinity2.illusions
D19. Digital.Vision.Infinity2.inphra
D20. Digital.Vision.Infinity2.unit8.5

C163. Digital.Vision.Infinity.deck17
C164. Digital.Vision.Infinity.wired

2007/11/29 Boris.Continuum.Complete.v5.Multilanguage
2007/11/29 Boris.Red.v4.1.Multilanguage
2007/11/29 Boris.Blue.v2.0.1.Multilanguage
2007/11/29 Boris.Final.Effect.Complete.v4.0.2.Multilanguage
2007/11/29 Boris.FX.v9.1.Multilanguage
2007/11/29 Boris.Graffiti.v5.1.Multilanguage

2007/11/28 The.Foundry.Tinder.v1.2V1.for.Nuke
2007/11/28 Alien.Skin.Image.Doctor.v2.0.for.Adobe.Photoshop
2007/11/28 Synapticad.Allproducts.v12.11c

2007/11/28 Digital.Juice.Jump.Backs.HD28.High.Impact.X 1DVD

2007-11-27 - added

Acronis True Image Home 11.0.8053
Adobe Robohelp Server 7.00.145
Logic Studio 8 for Mac (1 dvd)
MAGiX Audio Cleaning Lab 12 (1 cd)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition (1 dvd)
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Nov-2007 (1 dvd)
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Nov-2007 x64 (1 dvd)
VariCAD 2007 3.03
Xara Xtreme Pro

2007/11/26 Sitni.Sati.FumeFX.v1.0A.for.3dsmax.2008.x32/x64
2007/11/26 Digital.Anarchy.Psunami.v1.3.for.After.Effects

2007/11/26 Cadence.Allegro.PCB.v16.0 5CD

2007/11/25 Nextlimit.Maxwell.Render.v1.6.MacOSX.x86

2007/11/24 Nextlimit.Maxwell.Render.v1.6.Win32/64
2007/11/24 Sitni.Sati.AfterBurn.v3.2A.for.3dsmax.2008.Win32/64
2007/11/24 Sitni.Sati.DreamScape.v2.5C.for.3dsmax.2008.Win32/64
2007/11/24 Power.NURBS.Pro.and.Power.Translators.Pro.v2.90.for.3dsmax.
2007/11/24 Happy.Digital.HD.Instance.v1.8.1.for.LightWave
2007/11/24 Anzovin.The.Setup.Machine.v2.0.9.for.Maya.Win32/64
2007/11/24 Newtek.Lightwave3D.v9.3.1.Win32/64
2007/11/24 Native.Instruments.FM8.VSTi.DXi.RTAS.v1.0.3
2007/11/24 Puremagnetik.Circuit.30.for.Ableton.Live
2007/11/24 Puremagnetik.Circuit.30.for.Kontakt
2007/11/24 GibbsCAM.2007.v8.7.6
2007/11/24 Bentley.Microstation.Architecture.XM.v08.09.04.33
2007/11/24 Bentley.Generative.Components.v08.09.04.76.for.Triforma.XM
2007/11/24 Bentley.PowerCivil.v08.09.04.38.for.Powerdraft.XM
2007/11/24 Bentley.PowerSurvey.v08.09.04.38.for.Powerdraft.XM

2007/11/24 Artbeats.Rodeo.NTSC 1DVD
2007/11/24 DigitalJuice.JumpBacks.Vol.36-The.Wall 1DVD
2007/11/24 DigitalJuice.JumpBacks.Vol.38-Law.And.Order 1DVD
2007/11/24 DigitalJuice.JumpBacks.Vol.53-High.Impact.X 1DVD

The Music Box, 2 DVDs, The Ultimate 2 DVD Collection for Musicians,
Songwriters, Vocalists and Bands
This is a 2 DVD Compilation of over 5 Gb of Midis files, Sheet Music,
Software, 1.7 Million Music Industry Contacts, Tuition and Secrets
revealed, Guitar Tabs, Kar Files and Keyboard Styles.

If you are serious about pushing your music career to the next level,
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Loads of GREAT SOFTWARE ( 20,000 plus programs DVDS and CDs), IP
Location, RISK and DECISION ANALYSIS with @RISK, shoemaking
( shoemaster, forma, procam ), Sophisticated storage management
software PoINT Jukebox Manager V5.0 SP3a with full slot/device
activation and addons, Jukeboxes ( Asaca, ASM, BDT, DISC, DSM,
GRUNDIG, HP, JVC, Netzon, Pioneer, Plasmon, PowerFile, Sony,
other ... ),
Mobile Phone Software Collection, Medical PALM pilot programs (AKA PDA
programs), Medical CDs, Database of real estate agents in the USA, and
the Physician and Hospital Database of doctors, dentists,
chiropractors, veterinarians, pharmacies, for USA 2007 EDITION, and
the 19 Millions Vol.14 EMail Address List CD, 2007 EDITION, 2D3D Model
& Textures 3D CDs, 3D Software & NLE Software CDs, The Music Box, 2
DVDs, Audio Sounds Sample CDS, AKAI, Band, BASS, BRASS, DRUM, East
West, Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra library ( EWQLSO ), FLUT, GIGA,
Tascam GigaStudio, GROOVE, GUITAR, HIP-HIP, HORN, Ideas, JAZZ,
KURZWEIL, M-Audio Pro Sessions, Percussion, Piano, RnB, ( R&B ), ( R
and B ), ROLAND, Spectrasonics, STRINGS, TUB, Ueberschall, Vienna
Symphonic Orchestra Pro Performance ( VSL ) ( GIGA, and EXS24 and
CUBE ), VIOL, Steinberg Cubase, HALion, Nuendo, Wavelab, VST, VSTi,
Yamaha Vocaloid, CBT NUGGETS, CISCO, Carsoft, Car Diagnostic and
Tunning equipment, Dashboard tools, Workshop manuals, Alldata
ServiceCenter, Mitchell CRS 2007, Winworks Autoshop, AUTOMOTIVE
EXPERT, Lectra.Design, Lectra.Diamino, Lectra.MODARIS, and all other
'Lectra' programs, Apparel Software, for making sportswear clothing,
for garment-making workshops, Rockwell Allen Bradley Programming
Software, RSLogix 5, RSLogix 500, RS Linx, RSLogix 5000, Mazak CPC
Software, FANUC Robotics Simulation Software, Lantek CAD/CAM, AMADA
HydroD, GeniE, Patran-Pre, Simo, DeepC ), Copra Roll Forming, Ubeco
Profil Roll Form, CAx, CAD, CAM, CAE, GIS, Roll Forming, electronics,
EDA. LSI, PCB, FPGA, VHDL, &Other Design CDs, Naval Architecture
Software Maxsurf, Autoship, FORAN, Tribon M3, NAPA, SHIPFLOW 4.0,
Jewelry design Software, Digital Stock Footage & Clips CDs,
DynamicTrader RT 5.0, Elwave 8.0 + all modules, NeoTicker RT 4.0,
Tradestation 8.3 + OwnData 2.6, BWT Zones SP 5.0 ( Open Source ) ,
NeuroS 5.2 and Add-Ons, Professional Tradeadvisor 5.0, Ensign 2006,
MarketDelta eSignal, Right Line Traders v 2006, Technical
Analysis programs 2007-2004 of stocks/commodities/futures markets,
Trading, for Traders, StockMarket, other Financial software, Tutorials
& Manual CDs, Win & Mac programs, 'WinMac', 'PCMaC', 'Win-Mac',
'Multi', 'Multi-Platform', 'MultiFormat', 'MULTIOS', 'HYBRID', CDs,
Adobe CS3, 1. 3D Studio Max ( 3Ds Max ) ( 3DsMax ) Plugins Collection,
Encyclopedia for 3DSMAX, 2. After Effects Plugins Collection ]
(WINMAC), 3. Avid Xpress DV Plugins Collection, 4. Lightwave Plugins
Collection, 5. Maya Plugins Collection, Gnomon Maya eTutorials &
Manual DVDs & CDs, 6. Photoshop Plugins Collection, Loads of GREAT
GAMES ( NUANCE Speech Enabled Games ), Chess, Flight, Simulators,
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