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Might be great for working with video.
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On 5/18/2010 8:33 AM, Glennbo wrote:
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>> pNo=6052731&Sku=A79-1055
>> Might be great for working with video.
> Trying to give Intel a run for their money.

Naw, they can't do that. They do win in value vs. performance.

I bought one of these boards.

I might upgrade my HTPC to handle more high end games and I wanted to
see how well these boards with AMD chipsets perform. Plus boards that
accept DDR2 are starting to diminish. Last fall I switched every machine
to 64 bit so I have a lot of $$$ in DDR2 memory.

This board accepts that 6 core CPU. I ordered a Phenom II x4 945. My
Asus M2n-SLI can now run that same quad core. So I'm debating on whether
it goes in the DAW or the HTPC.

AMD has some tri cores under 90$ that OC well and run great for gaming.
Supposedly these are quads with one core disabled. This new Asus board
claims to unlock it.