From: Nick on
64HDD has reached the 10year milestone - thanks to those who have
supported over the years!

The freeware version can be downloaded; professional users can contact
me directly via the website. The emulator core has been standardised
across all versions.

This update has been worked on for so so long I forget what
refinements have been added (not all in the freeware or CD
versions)... main ones:

* lower memory usage - helps with people installing memory resident
* -vga switch for making use of a larger GUI screen
* -AR6 switch for setting action replay tolerant mode
* -ezvic switch sets directories to display in ~20column format
* T1541 and F1541 commands are now configured to external BAT files.
This frees up some code space, but as Star Commander now can be run in
command mode it means you can configure that program to do your
transfers and the job gets done faster than 64HDD used to do it. You
need to use the SC beta 0.83xxx version or better though.
* disk-flipping has been improved. There is an auto-disk-flip mode
(makes similarly named files a disk-set) or manually using the XS:
command (the XS: command is used by SD2IEC, so I just called it the
same name for the command)
* a lot of extra keys are defined which allow you to better configure
64HDD Pro whilst its running. The Help [H} screen shows these.
* PS printer engine added - text output can now be distilled to PS or
printed to a PS printer
* some fixes for DriveGhost users
* 64HDD Pro CDROM updated and is bootable

The user manual has been re-worked; new quickstart sections and its
split into two: a "user manual" and a "command reference guide".

Check out the 64HDD website here:
64HDD is the direct-connect way of using your PC as a hard disk and
peripheral server for your C64, C128, VIC20 or any other Commodore
a serial disk drive port. Complete details at