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> The cursor I'm talking about is the 'Orange' one that we can move around
> on
> the datasheet with the 4 arrows (Up, Down, left, Right)

I think perhaps you are not talking about the "cursor" at all, but rather
the highlighting for the current record and cell on the datasheet. Am I

> It only appears when I click somewhere on the main (Home Base) form. I
> can't
> get it to appear (or show up) right at the beggining when the subform
> opens.

It sounds to me as though the active control on the "Home Base" form is
correctly set to the subform, but the main form itself doesn't have the
application's focus. Normally, though, I would expect a form to be
activated as soon as it is opened by DoCmd.OpenForm and its Open event
procedure (if any) finishes running. I don't know what is interfering with
this natural sequence of events.

I've set up a couple of test forms to check this, and for me it works just
as I expect. What is going on in your UpdateRibbon procedure? Maybe
there's something there that explains it.

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