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"Martin" <ironwoodcanyon(a)> wrote in message
> I understand that this is not a very good way to print stuff. What is
> a recommended way to print a report from VB?

Besides what others suggested, one way for simple reports is to use the
Printer object, which supports Print and graphics methods. Print method is
not listed as part of Printer/PictureBox in the help, but you can use it
with them. Example:

Option Explicit

Private Sub Form_Load()
Debug.Print Printer.ScaleMode
Debug.Print Printer.ScaleWidth
Debug.Print Printer.ScaleHeight
Debug.Print Printer.ScaleLeft
Debug.Print Printer.ScaleTop
Debug.Print Printer.Width
Debug.Print Printer.Height

Printer.DrawWidth = 10
Printer.FontSize = 16
Printer.Print "ABC"
' Position to the center of the page
Printer.CurrentX = (Printer.ScaleWidth - Printer.TextWidth("+")) / 2
Printer.CurrentY = (Printer.ScaleHeight - Printer.TextHeight("+")) / 2
Printer.Print "+"
Printer.Circle (Printer.ScaleWidth / 2, Printer.ScaleHeight / 2), 1440
End Sub

But as Ralph suggested, your needs will quickly grow, and reinventing the
wheel takes more time. VB has a report designer, but it's limited. VB also
comes with Crystal Reports, which is more sophisticated, but it's not
installed as part of VB5/6. You have to install separately. See this

How to install Crystal Reports for use in Visual Basic 6.0