From: David A. Black on
Hi everybody --

There are still spaces available for The Compleat Rubyist, a two-day
Ruby training event with me, Gregory Brown, and Jeremy McAnally,
taking place in the Chicago area (Arlington Heights), June 18-19,

We've got a very cool event put together for you, including four big
Ruby topics over two days, with expert presentations, workshop-style
coding and practice, and one-on-one help from the three of us.

Got anything better to do June 18-19? :-)

Details at, and please feel free to
contact me directly/off-list with any questions.


for The Compleat Rubyist

David A. Black, Senior Developer, Cyrus Innovation Inc.

THE Ruby training with Black/Brown/McAnally
COMPLEAT Coming to Chicago area, June 18-19, 2010!

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