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Aaron D. Gifford wrote:
> I need to do some decryption of data encrypted with Rijndael (AES) but
> that is NOT PKCS padded. I can't use openssl, as it chokes on data
> that isn't padded PKCS-style. And I tried the all-Ruby crypt gem and
> it seems to have issues on my system running 1.9.1 (I haven't analyzed
> what the deal is yet so I can't say more).
> Are there any OTHER gems I should take a look at, or is there a way to
> disable PKCS padding and use openssl?

Google "openssl disable padding", the first hit is

If you can do what you want using openssl enc -nopad from the command
line, then you should be able to do the same using the OpenSSL API.

In C, nopad calls EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_padding(ctx, 0);

I think the equivalent in Ruby is this:

>> OpenSSL::Cipher::AES.instance_methods.grep(/pad/i)
=> ["padding="]
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