From: Dmitry A. Kazakov on
The described here packages are proposed as a contribution to GtkAda, an
Ada bindings to GTK+. It deals with the following issues:

- Tasking support;
- Custom models for tree view widget;
- Custom cell renderers for tree view widget;
- Multi-columned derived model;
- Extension derived model (to add columns to an existing model);
- Abstract caching model for directory-like data;
- Tree view and list view widgets for navigational browsing of abstract
caching models;
- File system navigation widgets with wildcard filtering;
- Resource styles;
- Capturing resources of a widget;
- Embeddable images;
- Some missing subprograms and bug fixes;
- Measurement unit selection widget and dialogs;
- Improved hue-luminance-saturation color model;
- Simplified image buttons and buttons customizable by style properties;
- Controlled Ada types for GTK+ strong and weak references;
- Simplified means to create lists of strings;
- Spawning processes synchronously and asynchronously with pipes;
- Capturing asynchronous process standard I/O by Ada tasks and by text
- Source view widget support.

Changes to the version 2.7:

- Dir_Open, Dir_Close, Dir_Rewind, Dir_Read_Name were added to Gtk.Missed
enumerate items of a directory;
- Remove, Rename were added to Gtk.Missed;
- File_Test was added to Gtk.Missed;
- GType_Icon was added to Gtk.Missed;
- GIO.Content_Type package provides bindings to platform-specific content
typing (GContentType);
- Directory browser supports content icons;
- Gtk.Missed declares a controlled type provided to ease showing a wait
- Themed_Icon_New_With_Default_Fallbacks and Themed_Icon_New were added to
- Packages GIO.Drive, GIO.Mount, GIO.Volume, GIO.Volume_Monitor were added
to support GIO.

Dmitry A. Kazakov