From: Edward K Ream on

Leo 4.7 final February 23, 2009

Leo 4.7 final is now available at:

Leo 4.7 final fixes all known bugs in Leo.

Leo is a text editor, data organizer, project manager and much more.

The highlights of Leo 4.7:

- Leo now uses the simplest possible internal data model.
This is the so-called "one-node" world.
- Leo supports Python 3.x.
- Leo requires Python 2.6 or above.
- Several important improvements in file handling.
- Leo converts @file nodes to @thin nodes automatically.
- Leo creates a 'Recovered Nodes' node to hold data that
otherwise might be lost due to clone conflicts.
- @auto-rst now works much more reliably reliably.
- Leo no longer supports @noref trees. Such trees are not
reliable in cooperative environments.
- A new Windows installer.
- Many other features, including new command line options and new
- Dozens of bug fixes.

From: Edward K Ream on
On Tue, 23 Feb 2010 07:53:44 -0600, Edward K Ream
<edreamleo(a)> wrote:

A critical bug has been reported against Leo 4.7 final, and indeed all
previous versions of Leo 4.7.

The bug can cause loss of data in @file nodes when Leo 4.7 saves .leo
files created with older versions of Leo.

This bug will be fixed in Leo 4.7.1, due in a few days. The bug has
already been fixed on Leo's trunk.

My apologies for any problems this bug may have caused.