From: Martin Manns on
Pyspread 0.0.13 released

I am pleased to announce the new release 0.0.13 of pyspread.


Pyspread is a cross-platform Python spreadsheet application.
It is based on and written in the programming language Python.

Instead of spreadsheet formulas, Python expressions are entered into
the spreadsheet cells. Each expression returns a Python object that can
be accessed from other cells. These objects can represent anything
including lists or matrices.

Pyspread runs on Linux and *nix platforms with GTK support as well as
on Windows (XP and Vista tested). On Mac OS X, some icons are too small
but the application basically works.


New features in 0.0.13

* Print framework now supports colors and drawn elements
* Splash screen removed
* Some drawing speed improvements

Bug fixes

+ Small white rectangle in upper left corner removed (BUG 2918360)
+ does not copy directories fixed (BUG 2913911)
+ Folder renaming to fix installation errors (BUG 2909017)