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Robot Framework [1] is a generic open source test automation framework
for acceptance testing and acceptance test driven development (ATDD).
It has an easy-to-use tabular syntax for creating test cases and its
testing capabilities can be extended by test libraries implemented
either with Python or Java. It utilizes the keyword-driven testing
approach and supports also data-driven testing and behavior-driven
development (BDD). For executable example test cases see the Quick
Start Guide [2] and the SeleniumLibrary demo [3].

Robot Framework 2.5 was released last Thursday. The biggest new
features are continuing execution on failure, stopping execution
gracefully, named arguments, full support for Jython 2.5, and test
templates to ease data-driven testing. The new features, fixed bugs,
and backwards incompatible changes are listed in the release notes
[4], and release packages are available on the download page [5].


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