From: Jeremy Kemper on
Fellow Rubyists, I'm proud to announce the first annual Ruby Summer of Code.

In the best tradition of Google's legendary summers of code, Ruby
Central, Engine Yard [1], and the Rails team [2] have joined forces to
muster a legend of our own, a new summer program for student Rubyists
to flex their open source might.

* Students are paid a $5000 stipend to work full-time during their summer break.
* A group of Ruby gurus volunteer their time as mentors.
* Mentors vote on student proposals based on usefulness, benefit to
the Ruby community, and history of motivated open source contribution.

Check out for the full story, to volunteer as a
mentor, and to sponsor a student.

Student applications begin on April 4. Students, start working on your
proposal now! Rails [3] and JRuby [4] have ideas lists up as a
starting point. All Ruby projects are welcome.

This is an entirely volunteer effort. The more we raise, the more
students we can sponsor. 100% of contributions go directly to
students. We already broke the $20,000 mark -- 4 summer students --
and we're aiming for *20* total.

Do you make a living using Ruby? Does your business live and breathe
Rails? It's a sweet and wonderful path. Donate today at

Let's make this happen.

Jeremy Kemper