From: Hidetoshi NAGAI on
Now, you can download a trial version of Ruby/Tk-Kit for RubyInstaller
1.9.1p378rc2 (tested on Windows XP). Ruby/Tk-Kit version of
includes full environment of Tcl/Tk. So, you don't need to install Tcl/Tk
on your windows box.

You can download at
(The page is written in Japanese. sorry.)

RubyInstaller 1.9.1p378rc2 doesn't include Ruby/Tk files. At first,
please download "".
The file is a full package. Please extract it at RubyInstaller's
lib/ruby/1.9.1 directory.

are files for replacement of
The former includes standard Tcl/Tk only,
and the latter includes many Tcl/Tk extensions.
If you want to use the one of those, please rename it to
and copy to RubyInstaller's lib/ruby/1.9.1/i386-mingw32 directory.

The structure of is same as Tclkit for Tcl/Tk.
It means that the tool "SDX" (
for Tclkit (Starkit) can treat of Ruby/Tk-Kit.

If you try it, it's my pleasure.
Any kind of reports are welcome.
Hidetoshi NAGAI (nagai(a)