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RubyKaigi 2010 is now open for registration

RubyKaigi 2010 will be held at Tsukuba International Congress Center in
Tsukuba Japan, for 3 days from Friday, 27th August to Sunday, 29th August.


Conference Tickets: 6000 yen (for all three days)
# Unfortunately, tickets to the conference party are currently sold out

To purchase, sign in with OpenID or Twitter (OpenAuth) on
the registration page:

Payment is via PayPal.

If you're coming from outside of Japan...

... please join our mailing list for overseas attendees by
sending an e-mail to rubykaigi2010overseas AT
and including an existing member in the CC: field (e.g. l.g.chin AT gmail)

More information on the ML:

We have also prepared some accommodation information:

Who's Speaking?
This year, RubyKaigi is (mostly) dual-track.

Speakers this year include:
- Jeremy Kemper
- Matz
- Chad Fowler
- Jugyo ("g")
- Carl Lerche
- Yehuda Katz
- Tanaka Akira
- Yugui

A full list is available on the website:

In addition, there will also be workshops, mini-conferences,
hackathons and other sub-events run in parallel to the talks, including:
JRubyKaigi, a PGP Keysign party, emacs workshop, vim workshop,
origami workshop, and more.

About RubyKaigi
RubyKaigi is the premiere Ruby Conference in Japan, held annually and
hosting a mix of Japanese and English talks. RubyKaigi 2010 will be
held at Tsukuba International Congress Center, Tsukuba, Ibaraki,
Japan, over 3 days
from Friday, August 27th until Sunday, August 29th. Tsukuba City is located
just outside of Tokyo proper, and is a 45 minute train ride from Akihabara.



Feel free to contact us at 2010(a)

For further information and news, please visit our websites:

Official Site:

Leonard Chin
for the RubyKaigi 2010 team