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Hi All,

As promised I have made a new release of esky, my auto-update
framework for frozen python apps. Details below for those who are




esky: keep frozen apps fresh

Esky is an auto-update framework for frozen Python applications. It
provides a simple API through which apps can find, fetch and install
updates, and a bootstrapping mechanism that keeps the app safe in the
face of failed or partial updates.

Esky is currently capable of freezing apps with bbfreeze, cxfreeze and
py2exe. Support for py2app is in the works.

The latest version is v0.4.0, with the following major changes:

* added support for freezing with cx_Freeze.
* improved support for freezing with py2exe.
* added ability to set the icon on each executable
(if the chosen freezer module supports it)
* made Esky.cleanup() catch and ignore common errors.
* added support for Python 3 (via distribute's "use_2to3" flag)
* added a brief tutorial and example application
* some backwards-incompatible API changes (see ChangeLog for details)


Code, bugs, etc:


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