From: Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton on
as more than just a proof-of-concept but to get pyjamas out of looking
like "a nice toy, doesn't do much, great demos, shame about real
life", i've created yet another git repository browser. this one,
thanks to pyjamas, obviously runs as both a desktop application and
also as a web application - same source code.

pyjamasgitweb is actually two independent happily small projects. the
first is simply a JSONRPC-based git web server (in python, using
python-git) and the second is a matching front-end.

the front-end is happily bare but functional. a demo is here (please
be nice to it) where you will see immediately a total lack of colour
or even borders:

if anyone wants the source code, or to help contribute, it's at:
git clone gitolite(a)

to start the server, read the README, install the dependencies, then do:

$ cd jsonservice
$ python {path to top level of repository} &
$ cd ../pyjamas
$ ./ # requires symlink ~/bin/pyjsbuild to sandbox
$ firefox &
$ python # for the desktop version