From: Thomas Gleixner on
We are pleased to announce the next update to our new preempt-rt

Mostly fixups for the VFS scalability fallout.

4c8acb4: rt: Fix the reminder block accounting for CONFIG_FUNCTION_TRACER
4eba98c: fs: Use s_inodes not s_files for inode lists
4329d1a: fs: Fix namespace related hangs
a0a5961: xfs: Make i_count access non-atomic
d3d17b8: fs: Fix d_count fallout
5e022ed: fs: namespace: Fix MNT_MOUNTED handling for cloned rootfs
4b44047: fs: namespace: Make put_mnt_ns rt aware
f008b2b: fs: namespace: Fix potential deadlock
f4c3013: rt: Remove irrelevant CONFIGS from reminder block.
6994daf: hugetlb: fix infinite loop in get_futex_key() when backed by huge pages

Download locations:

Git development branch:
git:// rt/head

Git release branch:
git:// rt/2.6.33


Information on the RT patch can be found at:

To build the tree, the following patches should be

Enjoy !


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