From: Junio C Hamano on
The latest maintenance release GIT is available at the
usual places:

git-{gz,bz2} (source tarball)
git-htmldocs-{gz,bz2} (preformatted docs)
git-manpages-{gz,bz2} (preformatted docs)

The RPM binary packages for a few architectures are found in:

RPMS/$arch/git-*-$arch.rpm (RPM)

Git v1.6.5.3 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.6.5.2

* info/grafts file didn't ignore trailing CR at the end of lines.

* Packages generated on newer FC were unreadable by older versions of
RPM as the new default is to use stronger hash.

* output from "git blame" was unreadable when the file ended in an
incomplete line.

* "git add -i/-p" didn't handle deletion of empty files correctly.

* "git clone" takes up to two parameters, but did not complain when
given more arguments than necessary and silently ignored them.

* "git cvsimport" did not read files given as command line arguments
correctly when it is run from a subdirectory.

* "git diff --color-words -U0" didn't work correctly.

* The handling of blank lines at the end of file by "git diff/apply
--whitespace" was inconsistent with the other kinds of errors.
They are now colored, warned against, and fixed the same way as others.

* There was no way to allow blank lines at the end of file without
allowing extra blanks at the end of lines. You can use blank-at-eof
and blank-at-eol whitespace error class to specify them separately.
The old trailing-space error class is now a short-hand to set both.

* "-p" option to "git format-patch" was supposed to suppress diffstat
generation, but it was broken since 1.6.1.

* "git imap-send" did not compile cleanly with newer OpenSSL.

* "git help -a" outside of a git repository was broken.

* "git ls-files -i" was supposed to be inverse of "git ls-files" without -i
with respect to exclude patterns, but it was broken since

* "git ls-remote" outside of a git repository over http was broken.

* "git rebase -i" gave bogus error message when the command word was

* "git receive-pack" that is run in response to "git push" did not run
garbage collection nor update-server-info, but in larger hosting sites,
these almost always need to be run. To help site administrators, the
command now runs "gc --auto" and "u-s-i" by setting receive.autogc
and receive.updateserverinfo configuration variables, respectively.

* Release notes spelled the package name with incorrect capitalization.

* "gitweb" did not escape non-ascii characters correctly in the URL.

* "gitweb" showed "patch" link even for merge commits.

* "gitweb" showed incorrect links for blob line numbers in pathinfo mode.

Other minor documentation updates are included.


Changes since v1.6.5.2 are as follows:

Björn Gustavsson (1):
git-clone.txt: Fix grammar and formatting

Björn Steinbrink (1):
pre-commit.sample: Diff against the empty tree when HEAD is invalid

Clemens Buchacher (1):
modernize fetch/merge/pull examples

Daniel Barkalow (2):
Require a struct remote in transport_get()
Allow curl helper to work without a local repository

Dmitry V. Levin (1):
Makefile: add compat/bswap.h to LIB_H

Gerrit Pape (1):
help -i: properly error out if no info viewer can be found

Gisle Aas (2):
More precise description of 'git describe --abbrev'
Fix documentation grammar typo

Giuseppe Bilotta (1):
gitweb: fix esc_param

Jakub Narebski (1):
gitweb: Do not show 'patch' link for merge commits

Jan Krüger (1):
rebase -i: more graceful handling of invalid commands

Jari Aalto (3):
Documentation/fetch-options.txt: order options alphabetically
Documentation/git-pull.txt: Add subtitles above included option files
Documentation/merge-options.txt: order options in alphabetical groups

Jeff King (6):
cvsimport: fix relative argument filenames
push: always load default config
add-interactive: handle deletion of empty files
ls-files: unbreak "ls-files -i"
push: fix typo in usage
format-patch: make "-p" suppress diffstat

Johannes Schindelin (3):
blame: make sure that the last line ends in an LF
help -a: do not unnecessarily look for a repository
diff --color-words -U0: fix the location of hunk headers

Jonathan Nieder (4):
clone: detect extra arguments
Add intermediate build products to .gitignore
check-ref-format: update usage string
merge: do not setup worktree twice

Junio C Hamano (22):
apply --whitespace=fix: fix handling of blank lines at the eof
apply --whitespace=fix: detect new blank lines at eof correctly
apply.c: split check_whitespace() into two
apply --whitespace=warn/error: diagnose blank at EOF
apply --whitespace: warn blank but not necessarily empty lines at EOF
diff.c: the builtin_diff() deals with only two-file comparison
diff --whitespace=warn/error: obey blank-at-eof
diff --whitespace=warn/error: fix blank-at-eof check
diff --color: color blank-at-eof
core.whitespace: split trailing-space into blank-at-{eol,eof}
diff --whitespace: fix blank lines at end
diff.c: shuffling code around
diff.c: split emit_line() from the first char and the rest of the line
diff.c: emit_add_line() takes only the rest of the line
diff -B: colour whitespace errors
info/grafts: allow trailing whitespaces at the end of line
gc --auto --quiet: make the notice a bit less verboase
receive-pack: run "gc --auto --quiet" and optionally "update-server-info"
clone: fix help on options
diff --color-words: bit of clean-up
check-ref-format -h: it does not know the --print option yet

Markus Heidelberg (1):
t4034-diff-words: add a test for word diff without context

Petr Baudis (1):
gitweb: Fix blob linenr links in pathinfo mode

Sebastian Schuberth (1):
Do not try to remove directories when removing old links

Stephen Boyd (1):
git-add.txt: fix formatting of --patch section

Thomas Rast (1):
Quote ' as \(aq in manpages

Todd Zullinger (1):
Makefile: Ensure rpm packages can be read by older rpm versions

Vietor Liu (1):
imap-send.c: fix compiler warnings for OpenSSL 1.0

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