From: Jeffrey Merkey on

The remaining issues are not critical path and MDB is stable on x86_64
and ia32 with this release. Will update the TODO items as I have
time. email me if there are additional features or issues found.

- fixed DS and W commands to output qwords in stack argument dump
- add find_extend_vma and follow_page to exported symbols
- add ds: and es: segment lookups in disassembler
- enable .TM flag to toggle memory read between physical and user
space read/write for addresses < PAGE_OFFSET

- continue to investigate rex64 sysret instruction issue
- add page mapping mode flag to dump commands to specify between
logical, physical, and userspace page maps during data dumps i.e. d
10000u (user), d 10000p (phys), d 10000 or d 10000m (mapped)
- enable segment:address lookups in the disassembler for fs: and gs:,
handle ptr_regs() and OP_E segment:address dereferencing

Jeffrey Vernon Merkey
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