From: Scott James Remnant on
The main change in this release is that Upstart now takes care of
mounting /proc and /sys on boot in the case where they haven't already
been mounted by an initramfs or initrd. This corrects the long-running
"chicken and egg" due to Upstart's use of /proc/self/fd to execute shell
code, and allows Upstart to use /sys in future as well.

0.6.6 2010-04-27 "No, she's dead, this is her son"

* Upstart will automatically mount /proc and /sys on boot if they
have not already been mounted by the kernel or initramfs.
(Bug: #426263)

* Fixed double-quoting issue with the --with-local-libnih configure
option. (Bug: #530385)

* libnih 1.0.2 is now required.

The tarball can be found here:

For more information on upstart:

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