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The new PEAR package DB_DataObject-1.9.2 (stable) has been released at

Release notes
Fix broken release (1.9.1)

fetchAll() / whereAddIn() Release version.

This version adds two new utility methods, that can speed up usage,
fetchAll() - does the $do->find() / while($do->fetch()) $ar[] = clone($do) loop, and more.
whereAddIn() - allows you to quickly build IN queries, with correct escaping.

Package Info
DataObject performs 2 tasks:
1. Builds SQL statements based on the objects vars and the builder methods.
2. acts as a datastore for a table row.
The core class is designed to be extended for each of your tables so that you put the
data logic inside the data classes.
included is a Generator to make your configuration files and your base classes.

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Alan Knowles <alan(a)> (lead)