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The new PEAR package DB_DataObject-1.9.4 (stable) has been released at

Release notes
Bug Fixes
#17508 - whereAddIn used wrong method to quote strings
#6202 - better docs on getLinkArray - needs documentation as well really..
#17343 - tidy up padding code, - fix alignnment of comments in generated files (Original Patch
by madsliejensen)
#17289 - fix sequence_<table> = XXXXX (madsliejensen)
#17157 - use property_exists in newer versions of php.

New Features
#7590 - union support - thanks to Ian Carmichael
#----- - whereAdd in support for negative (prefix column with '!') and empty arrays forces 1=0 query.
#13798 - add hookpostvar for adding things like varchar len data etc.. as per req
#16267 - Linking Multiple foreign keys - supports links.ini id[] = table1:col1 id[] =...
#17049 - generate links.ini for postgres - by madsliejensen

Package Info
DataObject performs 2 tasks:
1. Builds SQL statements based on the objects vars and the builder methods.
2. acts as a datastore for a table row.
The core class is designed to be extended for each of your tables so that you put the
data logic inside the data classes.
included is a Generator to make your configuration files and your base classes.

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Alan Knowles <alan(a)> (lead)