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The new PEAR package HTTP_Session2-0.7.3 (beta) has been released at

Release notes
* Fix Bug #14641: Shouldn't set() be static? [till]
* Fix Bug #14662: Tests are not installed [till]
* Fix Bug #14916: Unit tests don't skip properly [bate]
* Fix Bug #17183: MDB2 container doesn't work with APC [till]
* Implement Feature #13855: Sample in documentation incorrect [till]
* Implement Feature #13864: Minor documentation inaccuracies [till]

Package Info
PHP5 Object-oriented interface to the session_* family functions it provides extra features such as database storage for session data using DB/MDB2 packages.

Supported containers are PEAR::DB, PEAR::MDB2 and Memcache.

HTTP_Session2 introduces new methods such as isNew(), useCookies(), setExpire(), setIdle(), isExpired(), isIdled() and more.

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Till Klampaeckel (lead)
Marco Kaiser (developer)