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The new PEAR package MDB2_Driver_mysql-1.5.0b3 (beta) has been released at

Release notes
- fixed bug #15650: mysqli function used in setCharset()
- fixed bug #16003: incorrect check for error after mysql_store_result
- fixed bug #16147: first prepared statement is emulated when using factory with mysql
- fixed bug #16669: hostspec is ignored when protocol is unix
- fixed bug #17037: 'on update' not mentioned in tableInfo()
- fixed bug #17065: There is no NEW row in on DELETE trigger (fix error in FK constraint triggers)
- fixed bug #17650: lastInsertId can not handle bigint, forces cast to integer [alexpw]
- return ON UPDATE|DELETE action in getTableConstraintDefinition()

- the multi_query test failes because this is not supported by ext/mysql

open todo items:
- use a trigger to emulate setting default now()

Package Info
This is the MySQL MDB2 driver.

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Lorenzo Alberton <l.alberton(a)> (lead)