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The new PEAR package MDB2_Driver_oci8-1.5.0b3 (beta) has been released at

Release notes
- please use the latest ext/oci8 version from
(binaries are available from and
- by default this driver emulates the database concept other RDBMS have by
using the "database" option instead of "username" in the DSN as the username name.
This behaviour can be disabled by setting the "emulate_database" option to false.
- the multi_query test failes because this is not supported by ext/oci8
- the null LOB test failes because this is not supported by Oracle

open todo items:
- enable use of read() for LOBs to read a LOB in chunks
- buffer LOBs when doing buffered queries

Package Info
This is the Oracle OCI8 MDB2 driver.

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Justin Patrin <papercrane(a)> (developer)
Lorenzo Alberton <l.alberton(a)> (lead)