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The new PEAR package Net_LDAP2-2.0.10 (stable) has been released at

Release notes
* Added schema handling methods to make schema checks more easily accessible
* Bugfix for #17245. The check in the code was not working properly. Schema checking is considered the users responsibility.
If now an attribute is requested that is not set at the entry, an empty string is returned.
* Bugfix for #17770. Some Net_LDAP2 files were included with relative path ("Util.php"), not absolute ("Net/LDAP2/Util.php").
* Bugfix for #17314. LDIF support for attributes with modifiers ("attr1;binary").

Package Info
Net_LDAP2 is the successor of Net_LDAP which is a clone of Perls Net::LDAP
object interface to directory servers. It does contain most of Net::LDAPs
features but has some own too.
With Net_LDAP2 you have:
* A simple object-oriented interface to connections, searches entries and filters.
* Support for tls and ldap v3.
* Simple modification, deletion and creation of ldap entries.
* Support for schema handling.

Net_LDAP2 layers itself on top of PHP's existing ldap extensions.

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Benedikt Hallinger <beni(a)> (lead)