From: Rishikesh K Rajak on
Hi All,

Previosuly we had ltp-cvs(a) , intended for capturing all the
history for cvs commits we do. But not for git commits history it is something
which does not suits.

So i have created one new mailing list name as
(ltp-commits(a) suggested by Garret. Thanks.

From now onwards all the git commit message will go to this mailing list.

You can subscribe through the web page:

Also few other attention i want to give on importance of mailing list usage
which is currently with LTP project on

ltp-list :
- This mailing list is only for sending patches and carry forward all
discussion about patches and features.

- Maintainer or someone can send the log/results if they want to share on
certain build.

- All the announcement will made here, similar like this email.

- Contains all the code coverage related data/mails/patches.

So i would recommend every users who usage ltp atleast once to subscribe these
lists for there upto date.

As usual i am always open for any suggestions/inputs to make LTP better.

Thanks & Regards
LTP Maintainer
IBM, LTC, Bangalore
Please join IRC #ltp @
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