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The new PEAR package Validate_FI-1.0.0 (stable) has been released at

Release notes
* Package has been stable for a long time and now it's compatible with PHP 5.3.
* Fix Bug #17776: Uses deprecated functions ereg() and ereg_replace()
* Fix Bug #17775: Uses deprecated function split()
* Fix Bug #17756: Avoiding ereg
* Fix Bug #11531: phpcs/codesniffer found 91 errors and 14 warnings in FI.php
* tests should run ok when run in SVN directory

Package Info
Package containes locale validation for Finland such as:
* Postal Code
* Telephone Number
* Car License Plate Number
* Motorbike License Plate Number
* Personal Identity Number (HETU)
* Unique Identification Number (SATU)
* Business ID Number (Y-tunnus)
* Party Identification Number (OVT-tunnus)
* Value Added Tax Number (ALV-numero)
* Bank Account Number (tilinumero)
* Bank Reference Number (viitenumero)
* Credit Card Number

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Jani Mikkonen <janisto(a)> (lead)