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The new PEAR package VersionControl_Git-0.4.3 (alpha) has been released at

Release notes
* Fix Bug #17125: VersionControl_Git_Util_Command::execute() doesn't get stderr output [ebihara]
* Fix Bug #17402: Failed to VersionControl_Git_Util_CommandTest in before Git [ebihara]
* Fix Bug #17403: Fail to test creating clone in before Git v1.6.0-rc1 [ebihara]
* Fix Bug #17404: Fail to init repository in before Git v1.5.5.6 [ebihara]
* Fix Bug #17406: Unable to clone into empty directory in before Git 1.6.2-rc0 [ebihara]
* Fix Bug #17910: VersionControl_Git_Util_Command::createCommandString() must be public [ebihara]
* Implement Feature #17283: Add ability to fetch remote branches [ebihara]
* Implement Feature #17401: Add ability to fetch Git version [ebihara]

Package Info
VersionControl_Git is a library that provides OO interface to handle Git repository.
You can use Git command via the wrapper class. Some features are provided by high-featured interface.

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Kousuke Ebihara <kousuke(a)> (lead)