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On 15 June, 17:23, Banana <Ban...(a)> wrote:
> On 6/15/10 9:05 AM, Albert D. Kallal wrote:
> > Ah, found it here:
> >
> I can see why it can be misleading. A quick reading seems to imply it's
> a change for Access 2010, rather than the web database.
> "Database objects, meanwhile (forms, queries and the like), exist in two
> flavours: as client objects or as web objects, with many client features
> not supported by the other web equivalent. With no SQL view of queries,
> either, converting an existing Access database is likely to take a lot
> of work."
> 1) Converting is not even an option if we're talking about taking
> objects from existing databases and putting it into a web database. Web
> objects must be built from scratch. Now, we certainly can put in old
> objects in web database but they're still client objects and thus not
> available in a web browser, only when one opens the Access as we always did.
> 2) It really should say "With no SQL view for web queries...", the
> problem with conversion notwithstanding.
> It also mentions that FileMaker has had table-level triggers. I don't
> remember that. Did anyone hear of that? I wonder if the author is
> confusing it with script triggers which as far as I can tell is just
> basically counterpart to Access' object events....
> I think it goes back to the old adage: "Don't believe everything you read."

Phew! Panic averted. Bleedin' journalists.