From: Rick A.B. on
We will be switching from GroupWise to MS Outlook w/exchange in the
near future. I would like to be able to add some features to our
database to allow linking records to emails. In other words, I would
like to be able to show all emails sent to a contact and all emails
received from that contact and also send emails from access. Can
anyone point me to some good information to get me started? Any
pitfalls I should be aware of? I currently use just a mailto: link to
send email from access. Among the questions I have are;
This is a split multiuser database with 3 people using it. I want to
track one persons correspondence but make that correspondence is
available for the other 2 users to view. Is this possible? I would
assume I would have to link to the outlook folders from the backend.
I could also just code so that when an email is sent from access it
records this information to the database instead of linking. I know
this is leaning more towards CRM software but that's not an option at
this point. Any thought would be greatly appreciated.