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> I was lead to believe that the issue with access problem with
> interruption was related to JET and that by 'switching' it could
> be 'fixed' (poor on the terminology I am just looking into the
> matter). Is this true? Is there another option rather than JET?
> Or is it just as sensitive to network interuptions?
> In this case, terminal services and CITRIX are both noth an
> option.

Well, switching to a server back end *will* protect you from data
corruptions due to dropped WiFi connections.

But Arvin's point is that there is no guarantee of no corruption at
all, even with server-based database engines.

The advantage of a Terminal Server/Citrix solution is that you don't
have to alter your application at all for it to work, whereas
upsizing to a SQL Server or MySQL back end requires a lot of testing
and some degree of revision to work efficiently (substantially more
for a WAN/WiFi connection than it would on a LAN, where it often
requires very little change).

David W. Fenton
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