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red floyd wrote:
> On Jun 24, 4:03 am, "Martin B." <0xCDCDC...(a)> wrote:
>> Leading underscores in names are reserved in C/C++
>> Consider naming your members "m_isbn" or "isbn_" or maybe just "isbn".
> Not quite. Leading underscores in names are reserved in the *global*
> namespace in C++ (note that there is no such language as C/C++).

Well I'll bite. :-)
I know that there are a lot of people here that say there's no such
thing as C/C++. From a theoretical viewpoint I guess that's very true,
as C++ is a superset of C (or nearly) and as such I could just always
write C++ and be done with it. I like to use both though, sometimes C++
and sometime C/C++. I think the term "C/C++" nicely sums up lots and
lots of code that is/has been written. (That is, C with a few C++
features thrown in.)

> Since OP's _cost is a member variable, it's not in the global namespace,
> and hence not reserved.

Cheers for clearing that up. Never knew. (I just didn't do leading


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