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>>>> I got an Acer Aspire AX1300 for Christmas this year and it is a great
>>>> computer, however i am experiencing some problems and it is getting
>>>> annoying now.
>>>> The problem is that the computer keeps crashing. It could be if im
>>>> playing a game, it could be if im on the internet, it could be if
>>>> music is playing. It just happens randomly with no warning. The
>>>> monitor (Acer X193HQ) will just turn a random color, usually the
>>>> color is the most color on the screen before it crashes, mainly
>>>> black, blue or sometimes yellow. The keyboard lights will just stop
>>>> working too, if capslock was on and the PC crashed the caps lock
>>>> light would still be on but i cant turn it off or use the other
>>>> lights such as numlock. The mouse light would still be on also,
>>>> however moving it makes no difference to the screen. Also the
>>>> speakers (Standard PCLine speakers plugged into the
>>>> headphone/speakers slot) Would just cut out, i knew this because if i
>>>> was playing music or game sounds it would just stop when the PC
>>>> crashed. The wierd thing however is that the CPU main light is still
>>>> on, and the fans are still working. Its as if the CPU just cuts out
>>>> all its devices.
>>> It sounds like the graphics card to me. If it has a fan make sure it's
>>> working. Also some cards have an extra 12volt plug on them, make sure
>>> it's fitted ok if it's there. You could try removing/re-seating the
>>> card. Then I would try another graphics card if you have a spare.
>> I think it would be a problem changing graphics card because this one
>> is integrated into the mother board. I see no extra cables.
> That's bad news. I guess it's time to contact Acer about your repair
> options. You might have to get it back to factory condition first, as
> has been suggested.


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