From: Jerry Eco on
ActiveWorkbook.Save creates a new spreadsheet in Documents instead of saving
the spreadsheet in its current location. I am using Excel 2007 with a 2003
file (.xls).

The macro is in personal.xlsb and is used to make a few minor fixes to the
active spreadsheet. I want to save the active spreadsheet before I make
those fixes, in case something goes wrong. But, it needs to save it in
place, not create a new file somewhere else.

Thank you.
From: broro183 on

hi Jerry,

Has the file previously been saved?
Do you have the right permissions to save it in the particular

If the file hasn't been previously saved, make sure that you explicitly
define the entire filepath to ensure that it saves in the right place.

Try checking [alt + t + o] - Save - Default File Location & emptying
this field if it's populated.

Is your current directory actually what you think it is?
You can check this in the VBE - [ctrl + g] to bring up the Immediate
pane and type in

VBA Code:



If it isn't the drive you expect to see, you can modify it within your
macro using the below (Google for examples).

VBA Code:





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