From: sanju on

Please can nayone help me in following

There are an activity sheet which will contain update related to
orders in coulmn D. I need to tranfer the updates column H and Column
J of this worksheet to different worksheet as per match found in
column D.
Column J entries need to be replaced in other sheets which I am able
to do as per macro_run.

For B = 2 To 50
For A = 3 To 50

If Worksheets("Activity").Cells(B, 4).Value =
Worksheets("IP_MPLS").Cells(A, 1).Value Then
Worksheets("IP_MPLS").Cells(A, 32).Value =
Worksheets("Activity").Cells(B, 10).Value

But Column H entries, I need this to be added up in the existing
column AF of other worksheets Voice, BB, IPLC VCIPLC, IP_MPLS and
BB . This addition I want as date ; update format.

Please can anyone help me in this