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Michele Simionato wrote:
> On Jan 16, 9:27 pm, mk <mrk...(a)> wrote:
>>Hello everyone,
>>I looked for it I swear, but just can't find it.
>>Most Python books seem to focus on examples of how to call functions
>>from standard library. I don't need that, I have online Python
>>documentation for that.
>>I mean really advanced mental gymnastics, like gory details of how
>>Python objects operate, how to exploit its dynamic capabilities, dos and
>>donts with particular Python objects, advanced tricks, everything from
>>chained decorators to metaprogramming. Dive Into Python comes closest to
>>this ideal from what I have found, but still not far enough.
>>Anybody found such holy grail?
> "Expert Python Programming" by Tarek Ziad´┐Ż is quite good and I wrote
> a review for it:
> There is plenty of info about Advanced Python on the net, much more
> than in book form. Come to think of it, there are my Oxford lectures
> (the title was exactly "Advanced Python Programming") and I could
> republish it on my blog, since I cannot find them on the net anymore.
> Michele Simionato


Was wondering if you'd had a chance to re-post your lectures -- just did
a search for them and came up empty, and I would love to read them!

Many thanks in advance!