From: Rein Henrichs on
On 2010-06-17 11:29:52 -0700, Charles Oliver Nutter said:

> I fail to see how unrestrained openness would negatively impact the
> success of the Android marketplace. More bad apps will slip through,
> but you can rate those suckers into the ground if you choose.
> - Charlie

For the record, Charlie, the walls around Apple's garden have
absolutely NOT prevented bad apps from slipping through. Openness isn't
even on the average consumer's radar, so no worries there. They just
care about how shiny it is and what they can *do* with it.

I'm excited about Ruby on the Android. (I'd also be excited about
MacRuby on the iP{a,o}d.)

Rein Henrichs

From: Joel VanderWerf on
Charles Oliver Nutter wrote:
> FWIW, I think Rhomobile is a fine approach if you want to have a very
> simple web-like application that installs locally and works on several
> platforms. Of course, I can suggest another option for that: the web
> itself :)

Web is ok, unless you need to access gps or other hw.

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