From: Larry on
There is a buzz on the financial pages, today, about a Chinese Android
phone from ZTE called the Racer, a lesser Android 2.1 phone, BUT, 3UK in
the UK is GIVING THEM AWAY in exchange for a 2 year contract, making
them a REAL winner for a vast majority of customers who don't have $500
laying around loose for one of the superphones.

Did I mention the phone is FREE?!

That makes a BIG difference to most sellphone customers....FREE.

Hell, you can have an Android 2.1 phone that will run the software, play
movies/music/media iPhone won't, has a real browser selection to choose
from and a 3.2MP camera and 2.8" touchscreen......for FREE?!

"This changes EVERYTHING!" Smartphones are no longer for the rich kids.
Everyone can have one!

Think the Android developers might be interested? YOU BET!


"As we said, the Acer Racer is being launched in conjunction with 3 UK
and is priced at �99 on pre-pay and for free on contracts starting at
�15 per month.

3 UK has also thrown in a text and data bundle for pre-pay users, which
works out at 150MB of free data every time you top up the handset, with
the minimum top-up being �5."

America could use a dose of these prices for low-end Android phones....


I know a market for it in America RIGHT NOW! GIRLS! They hate the size
of the huge iPhone, Droids, and the other BIG smartphones. This tiny,
cheap little phone fits them MUCH better as it's no bigger than what
they're carrying now!

Most interesting.................................AND FREE!

iPhone 4 is to cellular technology what the Titanic is to cruise ships.