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A new paper has been uploaded The Chaocipher Clearing House entitled
"Chaocipher Revealed: Decipher Exhibit #1".

The paper is an in-depth analysis of Byrne's Exhibit #1, made possible
after last month's disclosure of the Chaocipher algorithm. This new
paper discusses such topics as:

(*) The textual layout of Exhibit 1
(*) What is the challenge for the cryptanalyst?
(*) Chaocipher as a known-plaintext / known system problem
(*) The starting alphabets
(*) The full deciphered plaintext
(*) A discussion of the deciphered plaintext, including unanswered
(*) Errata observed in Exhibit 1 as presented in "Silent Years"
(*) How Byrne generated the starting alphabets
(*) A discussion of Byrne's intended cryptographic indicator system
(*) Numerous references to related topics

The new paper can be accessed at:

The original Chaocipher Algorithm disclosure can be found at:

Moshe Rubin
The Chaocipher Clearing House