From: MarkJ on
Nobody is totally correct. You can delete them - or you can leave
them, they aren't doing any harm.

It's useful to keep PDB files for release builds of your code. You can
use them to debug your code with free debuggers like WinDBG. This can
be useful, e.g. if VB6 is not installed on the machine on which you
wish to debug
From: Tony Toews on
On Sun, 1 Aug 2010 17:28:23 -0400, "MikeD" <nobody(a)> wrote:

>I could have my apps create files with a .doc or .docx extension
>if I wanted, and the file could be completely proprietary. Not really a good
>idea though because there'd be some user trying to open the file with MS
>Word or other application and wonder why it won't open.

Worse. Word might save the file converting what little text it can
see ot something very different.

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