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Sjouke Burry <burrynulnulfour(a)ppllaanneett.nnll> wrote:

> Luka Djigas wrote:
> > On Wed, 02 Dec 2009 20:54:18 +0100, Sjouke Burry
> > <burrynulnulfour(a)ppllaanneett.nnll> wrote:
> >
> >> Last resort: hunt down the writer of that program and beat the
> >> documentation/code out of him/her.
> >> /
> >
> > That last approach always reminds me somehow of
> >
> Now you did it...
> Wasted a precious hour with those silly cartoons....

One of my favorites is
It isn't quite a perfect fit for comp.lang.fortran, but not far off. It
is spot on for some of the other help I end up doing.

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Richard Maine wrote:
> dpb <none(a)> wrote:
>> Terence wrote:
>> ...
>>> Er, There's more than just one kind of "BINARY" file produced by
>>> Fortran programa.
>> ...
>> If you hadn't stopped and snipped there, you would have seen I went thru
>> the two in the Standard (and came back and added "stream" later)...
> And you actually gave accurate descriptions, as I'd expect. :-)

Altho I suppose I should catch up to the times and have done the three
as "in the Standard" from the git-go given the present status... :)

Also, in retrospect, probably could/should(?) have noted that in direct
access padding another compounding/confounding problem can be that the
padding bytes are undefined so may be anything which doesn't necessarily
help much in deciphering an unknown file structure...


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"kis" <kisitanggang(a)> wrote in message

| I have a binary file created by FORTRAN program. I need to modify its
| content. Unfortunately, I don't have any manual that explains the
| format of this binary file. Is there a way to find the format in which
| this binary file is written?

You need to know
1. what values were written out
2. what kind of WRITE statement(s) was used.

When you have found that out, and checked out the binary file,
then if you still have questions, you need to post the procedure(s)
that generated the binary file.

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