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Over the years, a lot has been said about this topic. But, apart of
the old Chernobyl virus, which just zeroed the BIOS if you
motherboard was one of the supported, or some modifications with
modding purposes (that were a very valuable source of data, btw)
like Pinczakko's work, we wouldnt be able to find any public
implementation of a working, generical and malicious BIOS infection.

Mostly, the people tends to think that this is a very researched,
old and already mitigated technique. It is sometimes even confused
whith the obsolet MBR viruses. But, is our intention to show that
this kind of attacks are possible and could be, with the aproppiated
OS detection and infection techniques, a very trustable and persistent
rootkit residing just inside of the BIOS Firmware.

In this paper we will show a generic method to inject code into
unsigned BIOS firmwares. This technique will let us embedd our own
code into the BIOS firmware so that it will get executed just before
the loading of the operating system.

We will also demonstrate how having complete control of the hard
drives allows us to leverage true persistency by deploying fully
functional code directly into a windows process or just by modifying
sensitive OS data in a Linux box.

Dave BD