From: Marcelo Jimenez on

I have been sending some patches to re-add BSA nanoengine support back
into the kernel tree since 2.6.32 IIRC. Since none of them has made
upstream, I have created a repository on github with the hope that
people interested in the support for this board can test and/or give
some feedback.

For those interested, the code has some fixed RTC logic, has support
for PCMCIA and I am working on PCI ethernet support. Currently I am
having problems trying to enable the network chip due to the lack of
documentation, so any ideas are welcome.

The URL is:

There are two branches: nanoengine and nano-pci. The branch nanoengine
is suppose to be the stable one, nano-pci is where I am doing the pci
ethernet driver work.

Any feedback is welcome.

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