From: Vincent Collura on
Hello Pocket PC Users:

The BeanFinder(c) has just been updated!

It includes the complete list of the 7,103 free
Pocket PC programs on the

4,544 programs
1,792 Games
767 Archive

NOTE: The program now pre-indexes on the first startup to
create a file called 'BeanFinder.idx' on the storage folder where
the program is placed. After the file is created the program
uses this file to quickly start up rather then re-index the programs
into categories. This file created on the firsts startup is about 35k.

NOTE2: The program now displays ALL games and ALL archive
on first view. This makes text searching quicker and much easier to pan.
Also the bug with the lists now re-appearing has been fixed.

NOTE3: The Filedownloader.dll file has been updated with a minor
fix that can occur when you use eg. Radio tuner that downloads over
50+ times per internet connection. This is when you have to stop/start
the internet connection to get the DLL to work properly.

You can download it free at:


Vincent Collura
Did you get your beans Today?