From: RobertB on
Boing! As of today, Sunday, May 16, the Fremont Hotel
& Casino (to east of the Plaza Hotel) and the Main St.
Station Hotel, Casino, & Brewery (to the north of the Plaza
Hotel) are offering a fantastic deal on
For one or two persons, Friday night and Saturday night at
either location is $45 a night, and Sunday night is free! Total
cost with room tax comes out to about $101. Both hotels are
nearby, within walking distance of the CommVEx venue, the
Plaza Hotel. I know that the Main St. Station Hotel offers
parking, but I do not know about the Fremont Hotel. The
Main St. Station Hotel also has their exceptionally fine buffet
restaurant, which is the go-to-place for all CommVExers.

For more details, go to and search for
Las Vegas, Nevada. Set the price "slider" at $0 to $45. The
hotels will then be listed.

CommVEx organizer,
Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group
July 24-25 Commodore Vegas Expo 2010 -
and click on ComVEX