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On Sat, 24 Oct 2009 04:39:01 +1300, Alex <Alex(a)>

> Hi, I've seen a number of posts on the groups with the problem of a XP pc
> booting to a blue screen (non BSOD) and a black screen in safe mode.
> Basically just before the login box.
> We now have 2 pc's experiencing the problem, and by the looks of it
> allot of
> people are getting this since the start of the week.
> Have tried a chkdsk /r on both pc's and this comes back with error have
> been
> repaired but no change.
Reason why there is no change maybe(and I'm guessing) quick fixes don't
disinfect the system and return full operation to the user

> Also tried a repair install this runs through the
> initial deleting and copying files but then on boot it hangs at the same
> place!!!!
> Looking at the windows directory contents in the repair console I cannot
> see
> any updates that have gone on this week going on the folder dates, this
> is
> the case on both machines.
> Anybody got anything else??..??
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