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I have created a copy of Richard Cornford's Browser Detection article to
the new notes section (/faq/notes/).

The article explains the problem of serving content to an unknown
browser and how to easily avoid problems with bad strategies.


The article is in need of some attention and this is being done under
the new notes location under /faq/notes/browser-detection/.

I have added links to the document from:

I changed also the FAQ link for "How do I detect..." to link to the
updated document at the new location.

The following changes to the article have been made to the article:

* Change title
From: Browser Detecting (and what to do Instead)
To: Browser Detection (and What to Do Instead)
(infinitive "to" and conjunction "and" are LC; verb "Do" and pronoun
"What" are UC)
* Author name and editor name at top of document
* remove reference to alt_dynwrite document
* Update TOC
* Markup:
- html 4 strict doctype
- remove all named anchors e.g. <a name="..."
* Text edits
- spelling:
* beare -> bear
* sting -> string
* all occurrences of clipboardDate -> clipboardData
* crateElement - > createElement
* ECMA Script -> ECMAScript
* "Client-side" -> "client side"
* "unsupporting" -> "nonsupporting"
Grammar, etc
- "undefined values" -> "undefined"
- Remove fullstop in headings
- Capitalize each word in heading "Avoiding structural differences in
the browser DOMs"
- Capitalize the first word of the sentence "start from a basis of
valid HTML."
* Links
- From:
see <a href="">FAQ 4.15</a>
<a href="/faq/#updateContent">FAQ: How do I modify the content of
the current page?</a>

The alt_dynwrite document was unlinked because it is dated; it does not
address a current problem.

The IDed Element Retrieval section provides an example of the problem
and shows a contrasting solution using a getElementWithId function. This
function has the classic depth first search Netscape 4 layer-crawler
function. Great.

The fundamental concept is still relevant, but the example is dated.
This lessens the impact for the reader who sees some code and identifies
it as being something that is not relevant to what he is doing. I do not
have an entire section rewrite proposal. That one remains.

The styles are an eyesore. Literally. The code comments have green text
on a yellow text-box background, on the pink code block background. This
causes my eyes to hurt after looking at it for a while.
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