From: Andi Kleen on
"Daniel Taylor" <Daniel.Taylor(a)> writes:
> As long as no object smaller than the disk block size is ever
> flushed to media, and all flushed objects are aligned to the disk
> blocks, there should be no real performance hit from that.

The question is just how large such a block needs to be.
Traditionally some RAID controllers (and possibly some SSDs now)
needed very large blocks upto MBs.

> Otherwise we end up with the damage for the ext[234] family, where
> the file blocks can be aligned, but the 1K inode updates cause
> the read-modify-write (RMW) cycles and and cost >10% performance
> hit for creation/update of large numbers of files.

Fixing that doesn't require a new file system layout, just some effort
to read/write inodes in batches of multiple of them. XFS did similar
things for a long time, I believe there were some efforts for this
for ext4 too.

ak(a) -- Speaking for myself only.
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